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Extending the boundaries of Gemstone Manufacturing since 2004

A Cut Above

From rough stone to a shiny luxurious product. It takes years of experience to learn a gemstone properties. Where will the table be? Will this inclusion be visible? If the cutting is not done right our product would not be usable in high end jewelry. Every line, point and facet must be perfect. Our skilled craftsmen pay special attention to the exact symmetry of our selected gemstones to create first-rate, intensely brilliant stones. Faceting a gemstone to its perfection is an art on his own. Our quality standards guarantee that each gemstone has been symmetrically polished, with the right proportions so that the gem can reveal its true beauty and color.


A Gemstone Manufacturer not a Wholesaler

Every single faceted gemstone is still a rough stone when we buy it, always as close as possible to the source. Any special wishes you may have with regards to the faceting and polishing of the gemstone, please let us know. We would love to take up a challenge and help you with your personal request. 

Since 2004 a Thrustworthy Supplier

We possess the right knowledge: GIA Graduate Gemologist. Should a gemstone not meet your requirements, you can return it free of charge with a full “money back guarantee”. Another option is for you to receive the gemstones free of charge on approval or on consignment. 


Business to Business Only

We sell exclusively to business customers. You can order or get price information by creating your account or log in to an existing account. I hope to be able to serve you with your request. I’d love to hear from you when I can be of service to you. 


Roderick Wolf

Graduate Gemologist (GIA Carlsbad)