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Our Philosophy 

Matched Gemstones is a specialist when it comes to arranging beautiful coloured gemstone sets. All matched perfectly due to our sharp eye of detail. What is important in our gemstone designs is that they are unique and come to life. Therefore we only design one-of-a-kind combinations.


Unique Color Combinations

Color has such a powerful effect. Certain color combinations have the power to catch our attention, generate emotion and ultimately make a lasting statement. Therefore, one of the first things we did to step up our creative game is to choose the right color combinations. Knowing what colours go together is a skill in itself and is crucial in designing gemstone sets. Color combinations can be divided into 7 styles:

1. Complementary colors

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. They seem are in “balance” of each other and are called complementary to each another.

2. Analogous Colors

These are groups of two or three colors on the color wheel that are adjacent to one another. Like complementary colors, these colors work well if one of the colors is slightly muted, where one dominates the other.

3. Monochromatic Colors

All blues or all greens or all reds ,or all purples or any other colors with similar shades can be matched well with each other.

4. Triadic Colors

These are colours on the wheel that are equally spaced where if a triangle is placed on the wheel, each point will intersect with one color. These colors can be slightly tricky to balance but if one is allowed to dominate while the others are used as accents, it is possible to create something wonderful.

5. Split Complimentary

These are three colors where one is paired with the two that fall on theeither side of its complementary color. These colors tend to create harmony more easily between the colors than other combinations.

6. Tetradic

These are two pairs of complementary colors. On the color wheel, if you draw a square where each corner is intersecting a color, you will have your 4 tetradic colors such as red, orange, blue, and green. It can be a bit overwhelming to have 4 colors in a piece, so it is important to create a balance between the warmer and cooler tones. One of the 4 colors should clearly dominate when using 4 colors.

7. White Paring

White is extremely versatile and can be paired with all colors of the wheel. If one color is chosen as the center stone, while the white gemstones are placed as supporting or accent gemstones, it helps being out the hues and vibrancy of the center stone to a great extent.


Unique Drop Shapes

The shape and style of cutting can enhance the uniqueness of a gemstone combination. With most semi precious gemstones we are able to create shapes that are never seen before. Nevertheless with rare precious stones like ruby, sapphire and emeralds we are restricted to the shape and colour zoning of the crystal. Also the risk of breaking the stone during manufacturing is quite high. Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific shape or combination in mind.


 Rose Cuts

Our company is one of the most prominent manufactures in Rose Cuts in the world. We wanted to reinvent this old style of gem cutting because we felt it was missing in the current world of gemstones. Most of our Rose Cuts are available in similar sizes and shapes. By this you can create your own unique jewelry- masterpiece.


Melee & Calibrated Gemstones

Most of the gemstones are often sold in calibrated sizes. This means that gemstones are sold in one certain size so that it will fit most commercial jewelry. Our company manufactures calibrated gemstones in order to make our assortment complete.